Friday, August 29, 2008

Today's fortune

Not that I believe in a shred of all these predictions that appear in various publications or on the web, but here's the gem that was thrown at me today: "You are soon going to change your present line of work."

Right. And do what? Work as an entry-level call center associate ('cause I have no epxerience) or a bar dancer (no experience there either, but who at a bar cares about the dancing anyway)? Don't be shocked. How else am I going to pay my EMIs? What occupation other than one in the software industry pays beginners (assuming I have no knowledge whatsoever of anything else) enough to sustain my kind of lifestyle?

So, much as I would love to get into education or some kind of arty profession, I'm stuck in here. Unless the hubs starts earning more than double his current pay, takes care of the EMIs, and still allows me to splurge on things I want. Hmpf!

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Unmana said...

This really struck a chord with me. especially the last paragraph! Been feeling his way a lot recently.