Friday, August 15, 2008

Random weekend plan - III

Again, this is an update, not a plan. But I like to reuse the title.

'Twas a leisurely day. Me and hubs woke up just before noon. While I washed the kitchen platform (yes, I do that often... obsessed with cleanliness that I am), the hubs began his daily dose of lounging on the sofa and watching TV. Then, while I bathed, the darling picked up the broom and swept the house!! I almost fainted in the bathroom. I will keep wondering whether it was (a) the guilt of doing less than his share of work, or (b) the fear of my sarcastic remarks about the affinity between the couch and his pretty ass, or (c) the genuine recognition that the floor was dirty and needed to be cleaned up. It's these random and rare acts of concern that still keep me bound to him. Other than the fact that he is completely loyal to me. Bugger. Tedha hai, par mera hai! Sorry, couldn't help quoting the Kurkure ad ;-)

We had corn flakes for breakfast and watched absolutely random crap on TV. My friend Gudiya, who's living with us for a month, woke up at 3:00 or so. Hubs then turned his attention to his favorite task these days. Fixing the display on her laptop. Meanwhile, I backed up the data on my laptop, so that we could clean it up and reinstall the OS. Been more than a year since we did that. When we had enough of the gizmos and the stomach began calling for attention again, we out for a really late lunch. Smokin' Joe's pizza @ 5:00pm. We tried the Schezwan and called for our usual Woodcutters. The mistake we did was to finish the Schezwan before the Woodcutters. It was like having curd-rice after a tear-inducing pani-puri. Anyone reading this, please make a note not to try this.

The hubs craved for his rounds Age of Mythology, so Gudiya and I went for a long drive through drizzle and scenic beauty. We halted for bhutta at a spot where we could turn back homewards. As we sat in the car boot munching on the perfect monsoon snack, we noticed that we were directly facing a lovely sight: water gushing out through a dam, with the lighting on! I wish I had taken the camera along :( It was good drive home through the (absent) night lights.

By the time we reached, we both had made up our minds about some piping hot chai. The hubs, a direct descendant of Murphy (yes, the Murphy's law-maker), had finished all the milk in the household. I keep barking at him that he was a cat in one of his previous incarnations. Yes, you got the hint. I might have been an ungrateful dog back then. But he did pay for his misbehavior by fetching milk and some potato chips for us. The chai freshened me up so well that I dropped all pretences of not wanting to go to office (something I kept postponing since morning) and begin something I had planned to complete almost a quarter (of a year) ago!

Oh, and happy independence day, y'all. I don't actually believe we are independent (there's so much mental slavery yet). But, as a small tribute, the least microbit I can do, to pay regards to those amazing freedom fighters who made it possible for us to live in a democratic country, I sit in silence for a minute, and bow my head to their valor and sacrifice. Vande maataram!


Unmana said...

cool template!

How about meeting up for coffee sometime?

simplypallu said...

Danke! Will mail you about the coffee.

sphinx said...

hi fyn nw,glad 2 c u had nice tym on my b'dday,at least sm1 did!!

Rash said...

keep the weekend posts coming. really refreshing. :) how are the rains there? me missing all the monsoon back home even though it rains here all the time.... :(

thanks for all the comments on my blog :)