Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Am I THAT boring?

Traditional and comforting.

You focus on living a quality life.

You're not easily impressed with novelty.

Yet, you easily impress others.

You are a...
Cheese Pizza

Really? Not even a mushroom pizza??
Now, I've always liked Margherita, but it's been ages since I've eaten one. How can I be one?


I should try another eatable personality test that will assess my cool quotient correctly.

Maybe ice-cream! But then I don't want to turn out to be a Vanilla ice-cream, though I like it. Ummmm, Butterscotch?

Or maybe I should just go eat some instead of imagining myself as one. To be li(c)ked by all those people out there?! Eewww!!


Nat said...


Nat said...

Take up both tags!

Unmana said...

You're tagged!
I've tagged you!

simplypallu said...

Folks, sorry about not taking up the tags. Here are my excuses/reasons:
1. I was on holiday when tagged for the first time.
2. I'm scared that I might get obsessed with taking up all tags like I am obsessed with reading blogs.
3. I'm downright lazy.