Friday, September 07, 2007

Aug 11, 2007

My brain must have been fried to half its size by now. I've spent about 5 hours on the phone since this morning. When my phone's battery threatened to give up, I switched phones with my hubby, who's busy waiting for an interview since forever. We reached the gates of this company around 10:00 am; he waited for an hour and a half for the first interview. Upon my reminding him of my existence after the first interview was over, he joined me downstairs in the cafeteria for a quick pineapple juice. I'm glad, because that's all he had since the mind-blowing breakfast of bun-omelette, cream rolls, and bournvita that I so lovingly prepared for him this morning, as a token of my good wishes for his interview. I hope that does him good. It's past 5:00 pm now, and I've survived on a litre of water and sweetlime juice.

So, what was I doing on the phone for so long? Have I inherited a fortune to burn away like that? Well, no. It was a planned attempt to tick off items on my to-do list, one of which included making phone calls--to the numerous construction companies whose information I had collected off the Internet (thank God for this wonder). I must have called about 30 of those and short-listed about 10. Those 10, will be paid a visit tomorrow. I am determined to end my house-hunt this week. I also found time to check my old Inbox (from the previous job) and remove part of the unwanted stuff. That was besides organizing my papers for two different applications to two different banks, and my broadband application (note that this added some items to my to-do list). Inspite of all that, the wait wasn't over. So I decided to utilize the time to make courtesy calls to all of the in-laws and their family friends that live in the same city. The wait, though, was not yet over. So I called my mumma and spoke to her for half an hour. The wait was still not over. In frustration, tired of walking, and of the congested air inside the cafeteria, I came outside to spread out (cross-legged, not literally) on the lawn. I guess that's the best part of the day.

Thankfully, I still had enough power in my wonderful laptop to log on and vent myself. I'm feeling much better now. And I also noticed that I was ignoring my sweet little laptop for a long time now. Seems like I don't give my first big (read most expensive) device as much value and attention as I should. It has helped me in many desperate moments of work and many boring and irritating situations like these. I'm glad I bought it. And now, my stomach has started rumbling so loudly that I'll have to stop (besides, the battery's almost drained out). Sorry to bore you all with this extremely stupid post. Get away and have fun.

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