Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It would've been a joyful anniversary

... if not for the fact that a quarter of our little family isn't here with us any more. This day, eight years ago, we brought Phoebe and Mojo home. It was a childhood dream for both of us, and we decided to fulfill it as adults, because now no one would be able to give us false choices like 'either you or the dog stays here'.

I remember we went to bed after settling the pups in theirs, and in just a few minutes my little baby began whimpering, looking for her mommy and her littermate to snuggle with. We had decided to be strict with them and not get them into the habit of sleeping in our beds. All that resolve melted in less than half an hour. I couldn't bear to 'let her be' while she called out for some warmth and safety. I was, after all, her mommy now.

Phoebe moved on from our lives almost three weeks ago, and I'm​ trying to come to terms with the void she left behind. It's difficult to be sad for too long, though, when we think of her, because we remember her antics and can't help but laugh out loud at some memory or the other.
Now we focus all our energies on treating Mojo as well as we can, in her memory. She did give us some relief from all the stress of taking care of the both of them. We better make good use of it.

Goodbye, my angel. And thank you for filling our lives with joy. :*

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