Friday, February 26, 2016

More books!

Since this post, I've continued to be on a book-reading spree. I've bought 33 books since then and read all of them... the latest in-progress being the 'Bond Collection for Adults', the Bond being Ruskin Bond, who I've been meaning to read since quite a few years now. That's 2 friggin' books a month, which is the fastest that I have read in the past 2 decades!

Ignore me, you book-gobbling monsters who can manage a book or more a day. Or roll your eyes and move on. It's been such a happy, happy time for me, let me enjoy my little triumph over my old self here!

Some of that reading speed has improved quite recently, because I've taken to reading while walking... walking up to the office cafeteria for lunch/coffee when I'm alone, walking up to my desk each day--even though part of it is in the lift, walking back down to the basement to my vehicle before going home. Then, a big chunk of reading happens right before I sleep. The bright phone screen doesn't bother me any more. Thanks again, to my dear, cutie-patootie husband, who downloaded and installed the 'night mode' app on my phone that dims the display even further than the default software allows. Not that I couldn't manage that on my own, but I was just too lazy about it, so after several reminders, he just gave up and did it for me. I make sure to give him a few extra kisses for that every day :P

[Doing a happy dance in my mind before getting back to work so I can wrap up sooner and read more in the night.]


Niranjan Navalgund said...

Hey Pallavi, this is Niranjan :)
I'm in Russia at the moment; now you know who visited your blog!
Nice to know that you too are a fan of Richard Bach.

Pallavi Sharma said...

Oh, hey! I didn't notice this lying in my Inbox until now. Thanks for solving the mystery for me :)
Good to know of our common interest. Have you been here [] yet?

Niranjan Navalgund said...

Yes, I have been there :)