Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I've been complaining since a couple of years that I can't find the time to read as much as I'd like to. In 2011, I bought about 7-8 books, and most of them have been lying unopened, untouched in my cupboard. I used to think that I always prefer hardcopy books over their electronic versions. This evening I happened to log on to Amazon to check out a few books, and I thought 'let's check what I've bought so far'. I was in for a surprise. In 2012 and 2013, I bought 5 Kindle books each. I used to read them on the PC version. Then, last year I acquired my husband's Android phone, and got used to getting my Kindle on (hah!) just before I slept. And that is what led to my pleasant surprise... in 2014, I've already bought 15 books off Amazon! Those include the 5 books that I just ordered, but that's still more than double the books I bought and read over the past 2 years!

Bless you, dear husband and dear Amazon; the former for enlightening me about the existence of Kindle-for-PC and for pushing me to try it out (I've obviously been hooked!); and the latter for just being one of the coolest things on earth! The husband gets his thanks in the form of fewer death-stares from me (which, he's totally gonna read as 'death-star' when he reads this post and wonder when he got one of those). Amazon gets its thanks in the form of some cool software that I'm currently documenting, which I obviously can't talk about right now, which my company pays me for, and which I use to buy more books--so win-win! (I'm aware that this previous sentence must have caused some gammar Nazi's untimely death, but I don't care.)


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