Monday, August 19, 2013

Vacation week 3 of 3 and the year ahead (never drafted--2011!)

(Ended: Jan 9)

...was probably too good or too bad, and hence never written about. Or, maybe I was just too busy. However, many good things happened in the following months.

In February, I traveled to California for the third time--this time with colleagues, and we had a good, productive week there. After I returned, Phoebe and Mojo mated, which meant that their first litter would be around in a couple of months. I was planning on taking an extended unpaid leave, but I had no idea how long it would take for me to find good homes for all the pups. I finally decided to quit because I didn't want the suspense to take a toll on my time either at home or at work.

My last day at work was a week before Phoebe was due. I prepared for the arrival of the little monsters, although, back then I had no idea how they would turn to be. They turned out to be true blue Dals... vocal from the moment they were born... it was such an awesome experience to witness their arrival. My life revolved around them for the next few months. It was almost 4 months by the time all of them went to their permanent homes.

Then, I got busy tending to our house... gathered quotations from multiple vendors that went upto 70000 bucks! Finally, found a trusty old contact who did a very good job for us at half that price! By the time I could recover from that chore, Mojo decided to have his was with Phoebe and before we knew it, we were expecting another litter. We were not going to let them mate for another year at least, but this was unexpected. I sighed and readied myself for all the chores that lay ahead.

I started applying for jobs, planning the annual vacation with both parents, preparing for the arrival of the pups, and their care while we were traveling. Meanwhile, I also worked part time and from home at the organization where I started down the Technical Writing path. Exactly a year down the line (since these vacation posts), I was celebrating our 5-year wedding anniversary with the second set of pups arriving the same day (best. gift. ever!), traveling to my dad's home town with the hubs' parents for the first time, wrapping up a temporary job, and readying myself for a new one.

Oh, and in the midst of all this, we switched from a hatchback to a sedan... on a whim... amidst rising fuel prices, and we also had our longest road trip yet--to Hampi, no less! 2011 turned out to be a thrilling, productive, and fun year!

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