Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Grandpups

Just so I get something up in May.... here's what kept me busy since April... inspite of being jobless.

The Easter bunnies who looked like rats but were actually dogs.

In 5 weeks, they grew up to be spotted and spunky little critters of destruction. Or, as the hubs calls them, The Cuteness Guns... they've got killer looks!

The slightly-confused-but-happy-to-find-new-playmates-pop and the pissed-with-the-progeny-that-howls-at-night-pop-pop... my cousin unknowingly managed to capture the best picture yet of these two together.

The brilliantly instinctive mamma who got all 8 of them out and cleaned in 4 hours flat and the rather proud and goofily happy nanna holding up the firstborn to tie a colored thread around his neck for identification... they were both glued to the pups the first couple of days.

It's been a thrilling, tiring, breath-taking, back-breaking, exhilarating, and exhausting ride. Sadly, we can't afford to keep any of them... neither have the money nor the time. I hope the li'l ones find takers who really care for them and love them like we do ours. Or better. Till then I'm just a wobbly pot of mush.

When I'm not yelling at them to STOP-TEARING-THE-PAPER-THAT-YOU'RE-SUPPOSED-TO-PEE-ON! Or wiping pee and scooping poop. Or preparing their feeds. Or feeding them. Or washing pee-drenched cloth. Or feeding / walking their parents. Sigh!


Peeves said...

Oh my gosh! They are adorable!! I can only imagine the amount of work you must be doing taking care of 10 dogs!!! OMG!!!

ek-ummeed said...

Oh Dear!!
The pups are cuteness personified!! Gorgeous, all of them :)
IF ONLY my in-laws (AND BF) weren't petrified of the pooches, I'd have grabbed a couple of my own !!
Alas, I'll do my bit and spread the word.
But seriously, to the pups, "J'adore"
PS: I was wondering what you were up to after the job break. Now I know and I don't envy thee girl :D
All that work!! *shaking head in wonder*

@p@rn@ said...

:* My cutie pies.. I'll send their videos and pics soon. I hope they get lovely homes fast, so that U'll be free :)

simplypallu said...

@Peeves: Thank you, but we're all really mad at you. You haven't come to see us yet!

@Noor: Thank you for spreading the word, darling. Don't you want to bring your twins to meet our octuplets (-1) while they're all still here? Wanna bet which set of tykes is the loudest?

@Apu: When I'm actually free, I might spend the first few days in a haze wondering what to do with the almost empty nest / dogshed. BTW, some neighbors have shown interest in a couple of our pups, so we might be able to see a few of them as long as we are here :D

s said...

Very very cute.. :) If only had I been in pune ..I would ve surely got one of them for my mom .. bad luck :(

simplypallu said...

@s: FYI, when I got my dogs over two years ago, I was considering picking a pair from Bangalore. A breeder had offered to transport them to Pune via air. But then I found a wonderful pair locally.

Are you and your mom located in Bangalore? Not a problem! You can come over to take the puppy back in a train (can help you with the booking, etc), or I can send it with an aunt of mine who is traveling towards the end of this month. Write to me at pallavigsharma at gmail and we can discuss further.

momofrs said...

The twins would go crazy with the pups :)
Gotta make that trip soon, I guess, the only impediment being the spate of marriages in the family.

Will try to make this weekend or the next. Will call you :)

simplypallu said...

@Noor: Yay! Pla, plz come soon while they are all here.