Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The second memory capturer

... is here!

From Nikon's Life series of digital cameras, it's L120! It has 21x optical zoom. Megapixels be damned!

Isn't that red irresistible?

I can't stop giggling. Or at least grinning. It's either that or my evil laugh.

And I must add. Flipkart rocks! An impressive interview by Unmana made be give them a try. Am totally sold.

Also a vote of thanks to TG (bows! and bow-wows!) for the advice. And MG (you should begin write again!) for appreciating the pics I took earlier.


Unmana said...

That DOES look nice. Congratulations!

And you're at least the fourth person who's thanked me (or cursed me, for tempting them) for introducing them to Flipkart. I should get a commission.

Anonymous said...

I'm GREEN with envy!!
That camera's one beauty!
Lucky you :)
Keep clicking and posting the snaps.Am hooked already :D

simplypallu said...

Aww, thankeee Noor.
Unmana, I can only thank you for the temptation!