Friday, August 06, 2010

Who is Unmana?

The author of this blog-book: The Voices in My Head
(Yes, the title's a rip-off of Salt. What to do, I haven't watched it, but can't miss the posters and trailers that I see everywhere?!)

I know that there are about three people or fewer who read this blog, and most of those are familiar with Unmana's words. If someone new stumbles upon this blog, I'd urge you to go read her. She's spinning some a stories over there. But I'll always remain a fan of her non-fiction work :)


Abha said...

Hey, loved this blog, too. But can't find out how to follow it!!!

simplypallu said...

HI, Abha! Welcome.

Well, I'm not sure I put in an RSS feed link. Is that what you meant to ask?

Will go read you now :)

Unmana said...

Thank you. Very very flattering!