Monday, June 21, 2010

A certain Ms. Noor

...whose name truly befits her. Noor-Ul-Ayn, meaning aankhon ki roshni. She's such a loving soul, I'm sure she personifies that concept for her loved ones.

We met at Wadeshwar on F.C. Road this weekend, and because it was too crowded, we moved to Horn OK Please. I'm glad we did, because it had a decent (I meant in numbers) crowd and no music (if it was on, I don't remember), so we could chatter to our hearts' content. (Actually not, 'cuz we hung out for only a couple of hours.)

The woman truly is non-stop, but I think I did cut her off a few times! Been a long time since a conversation with someone was so fluid. Even though she has twins approaching the terrible twos, she didn't seem stressed at all! Sure she must be tired with working through the week and staying up nights for the li'l ones, but she hid it very well. If it was me, I'd be all harried and not even bother to go halfway across town to meet a bloggie pal. Noor, you have awesome stamina and patience.

I had parked my car about half a kilometer away because I thought walking would take me from KNP to Wadeshwar faster. Even though she spent more time chattering with me than planned, she dropped me off on Bhandarkar Road and then headed home. And, here's some news: she doesn't drive as slowly as she says she does (I tried to look up that post, but got lost in a heap of those on her blog). I imagined her to follow her own words to the tee, but she's good! :D (You can beat me up for this, N!)

I wanted to post some flowers for you, N, but can't transfer them online right now. Stay tuned. Also, we'll try and meet up with G. She must be back soon. Hopping on to her space to check.

So here are your flowers, N. It's you, RS, and SS :)


Anonymous said...

What do I say!!
Am honoured :D

Anonymous said...

What lovely flowers!!!
They are SOOOOO cute!!
And you managed to find one with two baby flowers in it !!
How sweet is that!!

Love ya Sweetie :)


simplypallu said...

They're one of the potted plants at my balcony that didn't survive my neglect.
So it's a tribute to them as well as you. Perfect, na? :)

Anonymous said...

Perfect :D !!

~G said...

Such fun to read about this. Since I have met each of you individually, I think I know how this meeting went. And pallu, I agree Noor is full of energy! :)

So when are we meeting??

And Wadeshwar has a website! :-O

simplypallu said...

Although, you'll notice the website is "under construction." Since how long, I don't know, but seems like it's not of much use :)

Also, I forgot to mention that I kept Noor waiting for like 15-20 minutes. I don't like myself for that :(

We'll meet the next weekend... both Noor and I can make it. Besides, we thought we'll let you rest this weekend ;-)