Wednesday, January 20, 2010


One more visit to a relative-in-law
...and I'm ready to fled the country.

One a different note, which genius keeps grapes and a coffee machine side-by-side in the same pantry? Talk about sending mixed signals to employees!


Unmana said...

Echo on visiting relatives-in-law: but thankfully, that's rare.

And I suppose that second statement explains your Google status!

simplypallu said...

My visits are not that frequent, but once it rains, it pours... you know what I mean?
And you're right about the status. Heh.

@p@rn@ said...

:D :D :D

Renu said...

inlaws.bane of every girl's life:)

simplypallu said...

It's not just about in-laws. I have a problem with relatives, or meeting too many people in general. Mostly prefer being by myself, or around few chosen friends.
And thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Where have you disappeared to??
Not ONE new post in ages :(

simplypallu said...

I have written a dozen posts in my head, but couldn't push them onto the interweb. So now, they're lost. But there's one coming just for you. Promise not to beat me up, ok?

Anonymous said...

I wont. I promise :D
Now out with that post!!

simplypallu said...

Oh I did already!