Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unforgiving and forgetting

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Triggered by TMM's dilemma (?)

I believe that the world still spins peacefully only because I'm not a witch (and, therefore, my curses don't work). I encounter many people who make my day more interesting (by acting arrogant, uncivilized, and sometimes downright stupid). To each one of those, I wish many interesting returns. Here, take your pick:
  • May you hear Himesh Reshamiya in your own head day in and day out.
  • May your neighbor's dog pee on your shoes every night.
  • May one of your vehicle's tire be punctured on your way to the office, especially when you're running late.
  • May the other tire get punctured the next day.
  • May gnats drone around your head all through the imminent walk to the puncture repair shop.
  • May you never find anything of a particular size that you want when you visit any store for the next 6 months.
  • May your sweat brew up a stench during the first month after your wedding :-P
  • May each of your mobile phone get stolen within a week of its purchase.
  • May you be hit with static electrical charges, at least 32 times a day, all through the next winter.
  • May you be hiccup-ridden all through your next airplane journey.
  • May your roof leak for 3 hours on 3 random non-contiguous days, once every year.
  • May you have to spend 1 month of 12-hour workdays with the colleague you find most irritating.
Okay. I've got to quit now, because I've got to attend the 1x1 with my boss. Besides, if I continue, I fear the risk of finding myself in at least one of the above situations. You never know when your jinxes would backfire!!


the mad momma said...

LOL! Excellent. I am going to call you the next time I need a creative curse!

sphinx said...

sumthin yu hexed up??i think they are most valuable to us v-men...well dun.

simplypallu said...

@TMM: ur most welcome!

@sphinx: v-men? u mean women? u mean woe-ful to men? ;-)

sphinx said...

yeah we are all woe-ful..but then these are simply superb wayz to give all the woe to men...