Tuesday, December 04, 2007


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Dear Sun (or Mitr, as we call you in Sanskrit),

As I sat on the rock, facing you this foggy morning, and I saw you rise, here's what I wanted to say to you. It's been a very rare thing lately for me to see you alight from the other side of the earth every morning, but whenever that happens, I'm so full of awe for you. The delightful play of colors you indulge us in, the warmth you spread on a cold winter morning, the essential energy you provide the earth and all the creatures on it--it all makes me feel so pampered and content. Besides offering you my thanks for all of the above and more, I wish to ask a few more things of you.

Will you wake us earthly creatures with your warm caresses every morning, forever? Will you be our constant source of energy and exhilaration? Would you teach me how to be so consistent, so nurturing, so willing to give? And to be harsh when the situation demands it? Would you teach me how to live in harmony with nature? To be born and to perish with grace? And live like there's no other life... burn with zest, burn with passion, burn with agony, burn with compassion? Burn, and emit the beautiful light that sustains life? And when the life fades out of me, burst like beautiful fire crackers and give people tears of joy to think of how I lived, rather than to cry about my passing away quietly?

I know there are many scientific explanations of how you were created and how you might perish, but all that aside, if you were a human being like me, how would you talk? What would you have to share with me from the millions of years of the universe that you have been spinning? I'm always on this quest of learning about what I am, why I am here, and where I should be heading to. But I doubt those answers will ever come in this lifetime. Not unless I try relentlessly, sincerely, passionately. So, while I am at it, will you be my friend and teach me all that you can? Will you be the inspiration? Will you teach me persuasion? I don't know where this list of will yous will end. Maybe it won't. But, let me ask, as long as I can. It's a way of accepting that I'm a tiny speck, powerless in comparison with you. But, with a mind that wonders, opens up to ideas, to situations, to whatever life has to offer. And loves to live every bit of it.

Here's wishing very many lively conversations (to me) with you. May we talk someday. Amen. :)


Synchronicity Diva said...

this is really beautiful!

simplypallu said...

@ sync diva: thankooo :D

Unmana said...

I echo - beautiful!

simplypallu said...

Yeah. That's how I felt when watching the sun that morning! So it naturally echoes in the verse :)