Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Company Calendar Candidates 2008

I plan to send these to the Calendar Committee of my office... they're playing up a competition wherein employees submit self-clicked pictures, and if they find 13 really good ones, they might just use the winners' pics for the calendar months of 2008!

This is the rooftop of my closest family friend who lives in Goa. We visited them last year, after a decade or so. They're the closest, nevertheless. [Category: City]

This hibiscus was right outside the Science Museum in Bangalore, which we visited last year with a couple of my dearest friends-cum-ex-colleagues from Pune. [Category: Nature]

This one (of many similar ones) is very dear to my heart: an evening on the rooftop of the apartment building where I lived in Bangalore. The picture takes me back into that moment each time I see it. I can feel the colors, the breeze, the smell of the earth, all like it was then. [Category: Nature]

It was a dark, noisy evening with slight rains accompanied by lots of lightning. Dragged my poor hubby to the rooftop, and made him stand with me (and click pictures, too) through the scary episode just because I found it exciting. I was thrilled to bits each time God flashed his camera :) [Category: Nature]

That's my nephew-in-law, whom I met on the day of our wedding. He was sleeping most of time that day, but I got shoot him in all his flavor the next day. Just loved those two pairs of teeth peeping through his mischievous mouth. [Category: People]

That's him showing off his strength in lifting the heavy coconut and messing up the bed with it. [Category: People]

The butterfly park hidden in the Bannnerghatta National Park gave us double relief: it cooled the humid heat out of us (we went there at the peak of summer) and allowed me to take pictures in peace (unlike the bus, which drove us through the park, where the driver would move on as soon as I'd taken my position, zoomed in on a lazing animal, and was about to click). [Category: Wildlife]

This is my favorite! A tiger in the woods, about 50 feet away, just being himself while we drove past... sadly we were enclosed in a caged bus, and I couldn't get close and curious ;-) But then, that's probably why I'm alive to share this gem with you :D [Category: Wildlife]

I'd picked about 50+ of a thousand pics I may have taken, and then asked a photography-enthusiast friend of mine to help me choose the best of those. He's entering the competition too, and I probably don't stand any chance with people like him competing, but I love my pics too much to just let them rot in my portable hard disk!

Wish me luck... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?


nosh n reh's mum said...

Hi Pallu - I'd say the friend's rooftop is the most interesting pic - there's so much to see and imagine there! All the Best!

Unmana said...

All the best! Lovely pictures!

Unmana said...

What happened? Did you win?

I like the shot of lightning best!

simplypallu said...

Sadly, I didn't. But I got a peep into the new calendar before it was released. And I wasn't impressed with a couple of the winning entries. At least one of my pictures could have qualified :( In fact, there was a picture just like the butterfly I captured. Only that butterfly was more colorful... now that's the fault of my butterfly, right?
[goes into a corner to sulk]
[thinks of making her own private calendar]