Friday, April 20, 2007

When we announced

... our upcoming wedding to the team at office, we (read "I") thought that we should add a bit of flavor to it. There was no wedding invitation card that we planned to send out, because we weren't inviting anyone, because the wedding was to take place in his far-off home town, because we didn't expect anyone to attend, because we ourselves wouldn't want to do all that traveling. Well, so we ordered a nice big Black Forest pastry-cake to make the very much expected announcement a little more interesting.
So why am I posting these 4 months after the wedding? Simply because I installed Picassa and am loving the neat little collage it creates for me :o)
Posted by Picasa

Edited to add: I forgot to mention it gives this kickass feature of creating posts for Blogspot right from within its own UI. However, the last time I tired it, Picassa didn't allow me to use more than 4 pictures in a post... but that could be due a limitation on the size of upload... will work that out, but otherwise it's a pretty cool tool!!

PS: The pictures have been taken by one of my colleagues with her Sony Walkman phone. Kewl na? I think she did as fantastic a job as her camera!

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