Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hell, I'm glad!!

My "inner eye" could see it ever since I came to know this character ;-) A book-worm, bossy, and above all a witch: what more similarities could I ask for? She isn't great looking, but confident, gutsy, and protective.

And I confess I've become a Harry Potter freak. But, as the first few lines in this entry indicate, it's more because of the presence of other strong characters, than because of Harry Potter himself.

I revere Dumbledore. I would normally not idolize anyone, but this person seems like what I would want myself to be. He's wisdom personified! Though he is a storehouse of knowledge, he does not glorify rules. As he confesses in one of the motion-picture versions of the book, he burned down the curtains of his four-poster bed when he was a student. But I'm sure he damn well learnt something from the experience and put it to good use. He lets kids be kids, at the same time imparting knowledge and values to those who seek them. Why can't we have more mentors like him?

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